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Hi, I’m Brandie! I’m a non-native Austinite and caffeine fiend. (Like, seriously. I have a 3-cup-a-day habit.) I work as a project manager at a local hospital and I’m currently pursuing a Master’s in Health Services Administration.

In addition to the everyday stressors of working full-time and attending graduate school, I suffer from frequent migraines, mild social anxiety, and cramps from Hell (thanks, PCOS).

After a serendipitous introduction to CBD in 2017, I started down the rabbit hole of trialing various CBD products in an attempt to alleviate some of the symptoms I experience. Since then, I’ve experimented with several products including sublingual drops, edibles, lotions, and bath bombs. As you can imagine, some of these items worked surprisingly well, while others were a definite disappointment.

Recognizing the need for a genuine, relatable, and reliable source for reviews of high-quality CBD products, I was inspired to start cannavybe. My goal is to provide you with honest feedback and to create a safe space for women to foster further discussion about the benefits of CBD and hemp-based products.

In addition to CBD product reviews, I’ll feature interviews with the makers behind your favorite brands and maintain a list of my preferred places to shop for CBD (both in-store and online), highlighting women-owned businesses.

If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll find that I’m particularly interested in how CBD can be used to improve mental health and overall wellness, especially for those who have suffered from sexual trauma.

You can read more about my background story here.

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I’m obsessed and I’m NOT sorry about it. His name is Benny (he picked it, not me) and you can find him on IG @benicioelperro

Florida NATIVE, texas resident

Florida >> Tennessee >> Arkansas >> Texas

I’m super sensitive to thc

Like to the point where it gives me panic attacks. But I recognize that THC has its own benefits and I fully support legalization of cannabis.